Online Surveys have proven to be beneficial for organizations of all sizes and categories. Creating an effective online survey is essential for getting desired response. Not only should it be convenient for your team to analyze, but it should also appeal your customers to fill the form. Here are the top 5 ways of how to create an effective online survey:

1. Keep it simple

Sometimes, with lot of styling and designing, online surveys become a hassle to fill. Moreover, customers who prefer using their smartphones to fill up forms may find it difficult to load data-heavy pages. You don’t want to lose out a chunk of target customers by making fancy forms to fill. So keep it simple with just the questionnaire and maybe your logo. Try to keep the background white or light color so that the text is easily readable. Even if these seem too small a detail to focus upon, these translate bigger in user experience of filling out your survey form.

2. More choices, less text

You may be tempted to know exactly what’s in mind of your target consumers. But MCQ’s or filling bubbles are more convenient for your team as well as the user. It takes less time, is hassle-free and always to the point. It is easier to analyze too, as you now have 4-5 fixed data points for each question to analyze your customer response. Add a text box if you feel it is absolutely necessary. But limit it to 1-2 depending upon the length of your survey.

3. It shouldn’t take time

Your online survey should be over in a jiffy. A long, tedious survey will discourage your customers to fill out the form. Their time is valuable, so make the most of it in as few seconds as possible. Try to revise and minimize redundant questions. And don’t overdo with asking each and every minute details of things your customer liked/disliked. Before making your online survey live, give a test run and see how much time it takes for you to complete the form. If you feel you as a customer can spare so many minutes, know that your survey is perfectly time-effective.

4. Give incentives to customers

Nothing in this world is free. And so is your customer’s time or efforts to fill your form. If you want to take the response rate a notch up, consider giving incentives to your customers. Ask your salespeople or include it in the subscriber’s emails to publicize about the incentives. Your incentives don’t have to be expensive. Rather, take cue from fast food joints and make it a good marketing ploy. Giving 10% off on the bill in next 30 days if you fill up the survey is one easy way which kills two birds with one stone.

5. Maintain the flow of your questionnaire

You should maintain a logical flow of questions in your survey form. Hence it is important to test-run your online survey form before making it live. See if the pattern of question retains a common theme, and your questions aren’t invoking the same response in different forms. Always maintain a top-down approach: Ask broader-ended questions at the beginning and begin to go more specific as the customer is nearing the end of the survey. This will make online survey more user-friendly and comprehensible. These are the top 5 tips you should keep in mind to create an effective survey for customer feedback. Remember, customer is the king when it comes to surveys. So always keep their needs and time in mind while creating the form. FeedBacQ is an amazing online survey app to create easily customizable survey forms. It focuses on an easy UI for the customers to create the best online survey experience possible. Buy a suitable plan for your need and create great, effective survey forms in minimum time.

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