Creating an online survey is easier now, thanks to online survey apps such as FeedBacQ. But getting the target response rate leaves much to be desired by every organization. Reaching to the target customer base and getting their honest response is a tough task, without which you won’t have much feedback to analyze/work with. So here are the top 5 tips as to how you can improve your survey response rate. Get it out via word-of-mouth If you have a restaurant chain or a retail outlet, don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth publicity. Oftentimes your customers may not go through your websites to check out a survey to fill out. That is the last thing they would do on the Internet. Hence, train your salespeople to ask customers for filling out the forms. Not only do they interact the most with your target consumers, people remember better when they are informed in this fashion. So don’t hesitate to try this method out, it will work wonders. Use social media Every Tom, Dick and Harry is on social media. People on an average spend around 2-8 hours a day scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You may want to take advantage of multiple features offered by these sites. Advertise your product along with a survey form, and give incentives to entice the viewers. This will spike up your online survey response rate as well as give an idea about the potential customer base you may be targeting in the future. Email notification/invitation for more personalized feel The best way to reach out to target customer base is to send email notifications or invitations to fill the survey form. You can have the facility to send reminders every now and then, and depending upon customer preference or products they bought, you can personalize the survey form/email. You may risk losing out a chunk of subscribers from your email list, but all is worth it if you get a better online survey response rate out of your email notifications. Keep your questionnaire short, sweet and simple Sometimes the fault doesn’t lie in the marketing, but in the survey form itself. Complicated survey forms which aren’t compatible to smartphone/tablets/desktop or complex question can also deter a customer from completing the form. You have to make sure your online survey forms are simple to read, easy to load and doesn’t take too much time. Do test runs before you make it live, and have an honest opinion about it. If you, as a customer, find it easy and quick to fill the form, the job is done. Be transparent Always inform your customers about the purpose of the survey. Your customers are sharing some very valuable and personal opinions. They wouldn’t want any of this information to bite them back in the future. So don’t be afraid to mention the security measures to protect your customer’s information. Also, avoid asking for customer identification as much as possible. Most feedback surveys don’t need anything more than an email ID. If you do ask, avoid misusing it blatantly for promotional purposes. Your survey response rate will dip the next time if you bombard your customers with the latest product launch or discounts. Here are the top 5 tips to get your survey response rate up. If you are looking for the best online survey app, FeedBacQ is your choice. With multi-device support, fully customizable branding and detailed email reports, you won’t need anything more when you use FeedBacQ. Check out the affordable plans for online survey in FeedBacQ Pricing and choose the one best suited for your needs.

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