Whether you are a new entrepreneur starting out with your business or a seasoned organization pumping products after products, everything boils down to customer feedback. Whether you sell a product or service, opinions of your target customers matter the most. Good opinions motivate your company to deliver better, whereas not-so-good feedback may give you a third-person view of the quality of service you offer. In the booming technology age, it is obvious that the best way to get customer feedback is via Internet. With many online survey apps such as FeedBacQ, you can easily reach out to your customers for their suggestions. Here are some of the top tips to get customer feedback online. Send in email notifications Emails are your best bet when it comes to collecting customer feedback. It is personalized and can target recent or old customers in a convenient manner. You can also customize your feedback form based on the type of product your customer bought or the frequency at which he/she orders. Similarly, send in reminders to give their feedback via email. Give some incentives, and you will find great participation on the customers’ end. Flex your creative muscles to entice the customer (e-mails give plenty of room for that), and you will see the response rate going through the roof. Ask for reviews If you are an e-commerce brand, give your customers some visibility by asking them for reviews. You can give incentives in form of discounts and reward points, thus luring your customers to write reviews for the products. New customers rely mostly on reviews before prices, so your turnover may increase drastically after adding such feature. You can also see which products are delivering/not delivering, and plug in the loopholes as soon as possible. Reviews are probably the best way to obtain customer feedback. Use social media to the fullest Company social media handles are not only for marketing products/services. You can use it to get customer response/feedback on existing product line or new product launches. Social media is an excellent way to gauge the pulse of your target customer base. Some companies go further and address any grievances a customer may have regarding their experience. This adds extra brownie points for the company in the mind of the consumer. So try to use your social media to its maximum potential. Opt for online survey Perhaps the most reliable source for customer feedback, online surveys can pin-point the pains and gains customers are having from your products/services. There are plethora of online survey apps and websites where you can easily create a form and send it across. Giving incentives will boost customer’s participation, and you can use social media/e-mail services/newsletter to publicize it. Try to use an affordable online survey services with multi-device support, like FeedBacQ. It also offers multi-language support for the convenience of your customers who may not be native English speaker. Surveys will give you reliable metrics to analyze your data, which will essentially help in quantifying your customer feedback. Use analytics for your website Last but not the least, using analytics for your website can tell you a lot about user behavior than you could possibly imagine. Analytics services/software like Google Analytics and Kissmetrics give you a clear picture of what users find interesting in your website, thereby helping you target your improvement. If your users find your website not user-friendly, it may set you back against your competitors. So if you are a business based off website, it is pertinent to check your user activity and deduce the areas of improvement. Here are the top 5 tips to get your customer feedback online. It is essential to give your customer the best experience, hence take feedback from your users periodically. And what’s better than taking a quick online survey for the same? Check out FeedBacQ for affordable pricing, great features and multi-device support for your survey forms.

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