You may own a small food joint, a quaint café or a fine-dining restaurant. But you cannot undermine the importance of your consumers’ feedback when it comes to your food or ambience. For running a restaurant, owners are heavily dependent on the foodies to successfully run their business. Hence, it is pertinent to ask the right questions and gauge the feedback of your customers. Here are 7 types of questions you may ask in a restaurant survey

#1 How did you hear about us?

You may have devised a well put-together marketing ploy to attract your customers, but it may not work! You may be under-spending or over-spending on getting the word out on the street. To tackle that, ask this question. The answer will give you a good idea on what marketing tactic will work and give you desired results. #2 Which dish will you recommend to your family/friends? If you are offering a great variety in your menu, it makes sense to ask this question. Having a speciality is important in your menu. It is a clever marketing tactic to attract more customers to try out your restaurant. Hence, let your customers choose which dish they found the best. And make it the focal point for your restaurant in the local listings.

#3 How was the service?

After food, service is the most important aspect of your restaurant. If you nail the service, your customers will come back no matter what. On the other hand if your service is bad, your customers won’t recommend your restaurant to anyone no matter how good your food is. So do include this question in your survey.

#4 Is the menu vegetarian/vegan friendly?

Some consumers may have different lifestyle or food choices they would like to have. Restaurants are increasingly becoming sensitive towards vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and catering variety of food items for their needs. Nowadays, being vegan-friendly gives an edge to restaurants in terms of being the top choice for most consumers.

#5 How would you rate the cleanliness of the restaurant?

Cleanliness is another important aspect for any restaurant. Customers would want to be served hygienic food on a clean table. This becomes detrimental to some customers who give hygiene the top priority. So to know their opinions and serve your customers better, it is important to include this question in the survey.

#6 How could we serve you better in the future?

This question is a win-win situation for both the patrons and owners. Customers will be impressed with the eagerness to improve, while owners will come to know of any loopholes or scope of improvement that exists. These suggestions will come handy when you will want to overhaul your restaurant business.

#7 Was the staff friendly/accommodating?

Staff represents the restaurant to your patrons. Their service or behavior is detrimental for your restaurant. Most customers will not bother even if you serve the best food in town, if your staff behaves rudely. So it is important to know whether your staff’s service is up to your customers’ expectations. Here are 7 types of questions you can ask for your restaurant business. Online surveys are most effective when it comes to taking customer feedback for restaurants. FeedBacQ is the ultimate online survey app for all your needs. From multi-language support to fully customized branding, FeedBacQ offers variety of features to take care of every aspect of a restaurant survey. So check out some of the affordable plans, and build your own survey from the scratch!

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