Customer feedback is an important aspect in the hospitality business. For a business relying heavily on their customer's experience with their services, it is imperative to ask the correct questions in your hotel survey. So here are the 8 types of questions you must ask in a hotel survey to get an all-round feedback.

#1 How would you rate our services?

A basic yet important question that sets the tone for the survey. You can either enumerate the ratings or give options from 'Excellent' to 'Unsatisfactory', and base your next questions on the basis of their ratings. Use flexibility of your survey app in the best possible way.

#2 What did you like in our services?

A little praise isn't bad for your hotel health, isn't it? That being said, it is important to ask what are the key points your customers are liking. Marketing your strengths to the future customers is vital if you want to increase the footfalls.

#3 What do you dislike about our services?

There is always a scope of improvement, no matter how perfect your services may be. Always take these points by your stride and try to rectify your shortcomings. Assure your customers that you will improve in the near future, so that they are more than ready to visit your hotel again.

#4 Which additional services you may like in the future?

As mentioned earlier, it isn't possible to meet all the demands a customer has from the hotel. There is no cut-and-paste format of services in the hospitality business. So depending on your customers' needs, you can provide additional services or tweak the existing ones to accommodate them. This will ensure your hotel services are top notch when it comes to customer satisfaction and meeting their needs.

#5 How was the staff's behavior? Were they able to meet your needs?

You staff is the representation of your hotel. Their etiquette and efficiency is detrimental to the success of your hotel. For customers, if your staff's behavior is rude or they fall short on serving them efficiently, it may be the last time they are visiting your hotel. Hence take an honest feedback from your customers to pin-point if your staff's behavior is up to the mark, or not.

#6 Will you recommend our hotel to your friends/relatives? Why/why not?

This is a clear indicator to whether your customers are happy with your hotel or not. Recommending to friends or relatives mean they are more than satisfied with what you had to offer. And if they aren't, it is a red flag which you must not ignore and work upon ASAP.

#7 How were the rooms/washroom/food?

Certain specific complaints may come out of the question from your customers. Hotels do overlook certain factors when it comes to these three things, so make sure not to do so. They are the key services you are providing to your customers, hence it is imperative to know their opinions on these and rectify if there is a room for improvement.

#8 Would you like to visit us again?

The final nail in the coffin for all surveys. If you are looking for repeat customers, here is the best indicator for you. A 'yes' to this question pretty much implies that your services are up to the mark. If 'no', you may want to take a closer look at what your hotel or its services are lacking and plug in those loopholes. So here are the 8 types of questions you must ask in a hotel survey. An additional tip: You will need an easy-to-use online survey app for creating your hotel survey. FeedBacQ is the best online survey app to meet your needs. With multi-device support, multi-language support and 24/7 customer service, you may want to check out FeedBacQ's affordable pricing plans before going anywhere else. Check out FeedBacQ and make your online survey in a jiffy!

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