For any organization, employees plays a major role in their success and growth. Companies are waking up to this and are finally catering to various needs an employee may have. But sometimes, they may mistakenly implement what they believe to be an employee-friendly policy, only to find out that a cookie-cutter approach doesn't work. Each employee has his/her own needs  and woes, which needs to be addressed properly and separately. For these situations, having a robust employee feedback system is a must. And that doesn't end at having a yearly survey before appraisals. Employees need to feel that their voices are heard time to time. Their feedback may be a game-changer to your company, or promote a culture of transparency and openness. Either way, it is a win-win situation for your company and your employees. With mushrooming of different technologies, including online survey forms like FeedBacQ, it isn't a difficult task to create an employee feedback survey. But to build an entire system, prior planning is required. Subject of the survey must be decided and important questions must be asked whose answers can become a beacon for your company's growth strategy. All of this may take time, but trust that it won't be futile. An entire employee life-cycle consists of different milestones. No matter how big or small, these milestones are important for an employee as well as employer to keep track on. From the onboarding process to the employee exit, there are multiple points on the employee's career trajectory which you must focus upon. Based on that, you may build an appropriate employee feedback system that will span across the entire life-cycle instead of just focusing on yearly surveys. Some of the elements you can include in your feedback system are:
  1. Online suggestion box: This can be an always-on form where employees could anonymously submit their concerns or suggestions from time to time. Encouraging employees in voicing their concerns will make them feel more integrated with the company culture and peers, thereby helping them grow career-wise.
  2. Policy review: New policies implemented by companies may impact your employees in different ways. Some may be happy with the decision, while others, not so much. To get an all-round view and feedback of the new/in-place employee policies, there should be an online feedback form. It will give a glimpse at the pros and cons of the policy which can be rectified accordingly.
  3. Assessments: Assessments are vital for employees as well as the company. It gives incentive to the employees to do well and contribute more. And it gives an overview of the performance of the employees so far to the organization. Assessments can be done by peers as well as seniors, depending upon how big your organization is.
These are just few elements you can consider in making an employee feedback system. If you want a good scalability with minimum downtime, you can consider online survey apps. FeedBacQ is one such online survey app, which offers multiple functionalities for all your needs. With multi-device support, multi-language support and detailed e-mail reports, FeedBacQ is an all-rounder for all your feedback management needs. So check out the affordable plans and make your own feedback system at ease!

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