Back in the day, tech pundits were skeptical of the launch of a new device. It was a cross between smartphone and a laptop, didn't fit the palm of the hands yet was small enough to carry around. No one thought there was any use of tablets. Until Steve Jobs came in and swooped the market. Now, the user base of iPad and other tablets have increased to 1.2 billion worldwide. With such a widespread user base, it makes sense for companies to switch to tab-based surveys. Here are the top 4 reasons why your company should switch to tab-based surveys in the near future: They are handy and impersonal Tabs are very useful for restaurant or retail services, where asking customers to fill the survey online may prove too intrusive or inhospitable. Hence, restaurants and retail stores have opted for tab-based surveys. First, it ensures that you are definitely getting a response from your customer. Secondly, it is non-intrusive as your staff can just pop the tab while bringing the bill. And third, it isn't boring as a paper-based survey; or 'on customer's will' like a smartphone-based survey. Most customers don't say no to giving feedback on a tablet. They look more presentable Tiny fonts on smartphones do a lot of injustice. And paper-based survey is too old school for organizations to even opt for. Tabs look appealing and presentable to customers as well as the company. You can easily carry it around, have the option to fill the survey for the customer or let him/her take the reins, and the presentation is nicer overall. They are cost-effective Printing papers are papers are not only costly, but aren't environment-friendly. Over that, processing hand-written data is a daunting task taking 100's of man hours. All of this can be managed simply by a tab-based survey. You can opt for both online and offline (if internet connection isn't available) via online survey apps. And processing the data happens in a jiffy: You don't need to employ an army for that. Response rate is higher As mentioned earlier, customers don't say no to a tab-based survey when asked for. With the flexibility of handling the survey, as well as being impersonal: Customers tend to prefer tab-based surveys more. It is less time-consuming, and the customer doesn't have to whip out their smartphone typing a long link for the survey. This helps in the increased response rate and customer feedback. So here are the top 4 benefits of a tab-based survey. Investment on a tab is one-time; and compared to other means the return of investment is higher. FeedBacQ is an online survey app tailor-made for tab-based surveys. With multi-language support and multi-device support, you don't have to buy multiple  plans for creating online surveys. Other features such as analytics and 24/7 customer support makes it ideal for those venturing out into tab-based surveys. So try your hands on FeedBacQ, and check out some of the amazing pricing options!

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