Companies unanimously agree that surveys play a vital role in gauging customers' reaction to their services/product, or if they will come back for more. Studying the market trends and customer retention are goals of undertaking online surveys. But what about key business decisions? Should it be restricted to the boardroom, or let the customers steer your wheel? Of course yes! Business heavily rely on their customers. All their decision making is aimed to acquire larger market base, hence making more profits. But how can online surveys really help in driving key business decisions? They can give an overview of the current trend Customers' tastes are ever-changing based on multiple factors. Whether it is a better competitor product in the market, or more value-for-money they get from other products. Or your product/services may simply be outdated. To know such trends, online surveys are your best bet. They can give you a low-down directly from your customer's mouth, hence helping you keep up with the latest trend in the market. They can help you test out new product launches You may be anticipating a great response for your resource-intensive product you worked hard for. But sadly it doesn't appeal your customer base. This is a mistake common in early stage startups. To avoid this, start lean; after you get a desired customer response you may go all in with your products. You can try out multiple versions of your products/services (web-based) and zero down on the one your customer rated positively in your online survey. This is the most cost-effective method if your budget seems tight and you are eager to enter the market quickly. They can give an all-round view of your organization The relationship between a customer and the organization goes deeper than it seems. Companies like Apple, Nike have become successful because they essentially go beyond their products to satisfy customers' needs. Everything, from the behavior of your staff to customer service, adds up to the customer experience and hence the reputation of your organization. So it is pertinent to measure this aspect qualitatively with the help of an online survey. This will ensure that your key decisions also include customer experience as a driving force. They can give new ideas for the next products Customer feedback can be a veritable ground for new ideas. Who knows, maybe someone suggests an idea that may revolutionize your entire company or the market. Since they are at the receiving end, they know their needs better and can pin-point what they exactly want/don't want in the future. This could become the basis of a new game plan you must adopt for your future product releases and R&D. So here are the top 4 reasons why online surveys can drive key business decisions. If you are looking for an online survey app, check out FeedBacQ. With multi-language support, multi-device support and 24/7 customer support and services, FeedBacQ is one of the best in the market. Check out our affordable pricing and opt us for the best online survey experience!

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