Satisfied customers are more loyal, buy more of your products and add significantly to the company’s revenue. It is therefore a very important domain in marketing and self assessment of a company. It tells the concerned company how well its product or service fared in the consumer market. Studies suggest that satisfied customers are more likely to spread a good word about a company within their immediate circle. This increases their  probability of buying the concerned company’s products as they hold a good perception of the company.  Satisfied customers are more likely to return to your company to buy the same as well as other products. Consumer satisfaction survey is a good indicator of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys can benefit an enterprise in more ways than it may anticipate. It helps companies to know their customers better, improve customer service. Most importantly, it helps the company in evaluating and improving itself with all the feedback and suggestions given by users. Companies construct customer satisfaction questionnaires and conduct them every now and then . If they place  their questions tactically in these surveys, then they can avail maximum benefit with the help of this single feedback mechanism. Here is a compilation of the 10 most important customer satisfaction survey questions.

How did the product perform?

Asking the question directly is better than beating around the bush. Asking about the product’s performance is directly asking how well the product performed its task. To make users happy it is necessary for a product to do what it was made to do.

Did the product satisfy your demands?

This question asks if the product has fulfilled the customer’s demand. If the user gives a positive reply then he/she is more likely to be satisfied. If the answer is negatively inclined then the company needs to improve the products offered by it.

Would you say that you got the value for money of using this product?

Price of the product plays a very important role in determining whether or not a user buys that product. If the user says that he/she got the value for money of using a product, then the company's product is rightly priced for the services it has provided. But if the user gives a negative answer, then the company should reconsider its pricing mechanism. Also, if the user gives a positive answer, then the product is also doing its services properly.

What difference did buying this product make in your life?

The customer satisfaction survey question indirectly asks the importance of the product in the customer’s life. It also asks how different his/her life would have been without the product. This question has twofold uses. On one hand it assesses the product’s satisfaction among the users. On the other hand, it makes the user realize the significance of the product in his/her life. This in return may increase user satisfaction. Needless to say,  use this tactic if the user says that the product met the users’ demand. This is because if he/she didn’t and then this question is asked, it can decrease user satisfaction.

Which features would you add and remove from this product?

No product is perfect. Asking this question shows the clients that the company is acknowledging this fact and that it is open to change. Such acts align future modifications of products with the user’s need. That is when companies take suggestions into consideration while making products. Such acts also improve the perception of the company towards its clients as it makes them feel included.

What suggestions would you give us to improve the experience of using this product?

This question is not just targeted at the product. Instead it is targeted at the all round experience of the user with the company. This is because it is not just a product that satisfies the customer. Good services by a company are equally important in enhancing the user experience as a whole. That is what satisfies the customers truly.

Would you suggest your family and friends to use our company’s products in the future?

Only a happy customer would suggest a product to their friends and family. This question helps in accessing the consumer’s satisfaction index and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your organization. It also shows customer loyalty towards your organization.

How likely are you to buy this product again?

This is a tricky question and quite futile if the product sold was a durable good. But if the user is likely to buy again then he/she is likely to recommend the product. Also, according to the answer given in this segment, the company can restock its inventory. This helps them in avoiding the maintenance excess or deficient stock of goods.

Why did you choose our product instead of the alternatives in the market?

This competition centric question might seem unethical or even unnecessary to many. But it lets the company know which features of the product attracted their customers. It will also help the company in retaining those features and not discarding them. A company can also know how the customer reached to their product. That is if it was an advertisement or a former customer who suggested the company.

Please rate us out of 5 stars.

While rating seems to be arbitrary, it is a perfect ending of a consumer satisfaction survey. Needless to say, more the score, the happier the customer will be. Framing Customer Satisfaction Survey questions is a precarious task. Carefully plan and balance the questions. Make these questions according to the product or services sold to the customer. The survey should not be too long that it bores the customer. It should not be so short that it extracts no significant information from the customer. Avoid repetitive questions and give suggestions with difficult-to-understand questions. Investing time and money in consumer satisfaction assessment gives real results. This allows organization to act on it and improve itself.

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