It is important for a restaurateur that his/her customers are satisfied. As a matter of fact, the owner of any enterprise would want their customers to be satisfied. This is because satisfied customers are more likely to spread a good word about a restaurant within their immediate circle. This increases their probability of eating at the concerned restaurant as they hold it in a good perception.  Such customers are more likely to return to a restaurant as well. Further, they are more loyal, eat more frequently and add significantly to the restaurant's revenue. Satisfied and dissatisfied customers are best identified via Restaurant Surveys. A Restaurant Survey can be aptly used to gauge customer satisfaction and lack of thereof. Surveying the customers of a restaurant is a very important domain in marketing as it identifies the satisfied and loyal customers. It also helps in identifying the dissatisfied customers and in knowing the cause of their dissatisfaction. A restaurateur gets insights into a customer’s perspective of the restaurant by surveying them.  It also gives them valuable feedback which is vital in the restaurant business. It provides restaurateurs with ideas on how they can improve their food, services and the overall customer experience. Similarly, in-cooperating the customer’s suggestions makes them feel valued. Conducting Restaurant Surveys is great for self assessment and evaluation for the restaurant.  

10 Important Restaurant Survey Questions

  1. Do you like the food and beverages served here?

If customers don’t like the food, then the restaurant is not performing its core function. Beverages are also increasingly gaining traction in this business. Therefore the restaurateur needs to be concerned about it too. Hence this question is of primary importance.

  1. If not then please recommend some changes in the menu.

It is vital that a restaurant has a diverse range to offer in its menu to satisfy customer demand. This question directly asks the customers whether the restaurant offers a diverse enough range of food and beverages. It will also allow the restaurateur to make an informed decision if any modification is required in the restaurant’s eating menu, based on the dynamic choices of the current customers.

  1. Was the Speed of Service adequate?

In this fast paced world, no one wants to wait for an unreasonably long time. Therefore, speed of service makes a huge impact on customer retention rates. Getting an idea of customer sentiments on speed of service will give an understanding of whether or not improvements need to be made to the speed at which the customers are served their orders.

  1. How would you rate the Cleanliness of the Restaurant?

It is important to maintain cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation while running a restaurant business. The authorities of the restaurant may think that it is clean but the customer’s view may differ. Why would people eat in a restaurant that does not look and feel clean? One could only imagine the scene inside the kitchen. Asking patrons about their thoughts on the cleanliness will let the concerned authorities know if amendments need to made in the same domain.

  1. Would you like to visit us again? (Yes/No)

This will be one of the short type questions. It will identify the retention rate of the restaurant in general. These customers will obviously be the ones who liked the food and services of the restaurant.

  1. Would You Recommend Our Restaurant to Family or Friends? (Yes/No)

Whether or not a customer would recommend the concerned restaurant to others reveals a lot about its services. This question will also give an understanding of the overall appeal and popularity of the restaurant. If this question garners a negative response, then the concerned department should work to make amendments.

  1. What do you like and dislike the most here?

Asking customers what they like most will give the restaurateur a clear understanding of which components of the restaurant experience are working the best. In the same way, asking them what did they dislike will tell what is not working as well as where the restaurateur can bring about changes.

  1. What suggestions would you give us to improve the experience you’ve had at this restaurant?

This question gives an insight to the customer’s experience in the restaurant. It will also give valuable real time feedback and allow the restaurateur to make changes according to the dynamic needs of the clients. It also makes them feel valued and lets them know that their suggestions matter.

  1. Please rate our restaurant out of 5 stars.

While rating seems to be arbitrary, it is a perfect ending of a consumer survey. Needless to say, greater the score, the happier the customer is and the more likely he/she is to recommend the restaurant to friends and colleagues.


  1. Prefer Long Form questions over One Word or Tick type questions.
Long Form questions allow customers to pen in their ideas and concerns. On the other hand one word questions inhibits subjectivity. This does not mean that the whole survey should consist of just the former and lack the latter. Both should be present but optimally. 2. Keep it small. While making a survey, the restaurateur should make it more of a Customer Pulse Survey than a full fledged Customer Satisfaction Survey. This is because people go to a restaurant to eat and relax; they do not want the burden of filling a full scale survey.  

Sample Questionnaire

  1. Do you like the food and beverages served here?
  2. If not then please recommend some changes in the menu.
  3. Was the Speed of Service adequate?
  4. How Would You Rate the Cleanliness of the Restaurant?
  5. Do you think that items on the menu are adequately priced?
  6. Would you like to visit us again?
  7. Would You Recommend Our Restaurant to Family or Friends?
  8. What do you like and dislike the most here?
  9. What suggestions would you give us to improve the experience you’ve had at this restaurant?
  10. Please rate us out of 5 stars.
Encouraging customers to fill in surveys about their experience at the restaurant is a vital marketing tactic to ultimately help in improving the quality, appeal and profits of the restaurant.  

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