Customer experience is basically the customer's perception of the concerned company. Customers that have a good experience with the company turn out to be satisfied and loyal customers. They are the ones who add significantly to increase the company’s revenue. These customers might even become brand ambassadors who advocate for the brand. Customer experience can be called the product of customer satisfaction and the customer effort. This means that the more the customer satisfaction and the less the effort customer will have to put, the better will be the customer experience. Customers are a great source of information. The information they provide is priceless. While capturing their customer experience the authorities also collect valuable customer feedback and capture the Voice of Customer. Such feedback can be used to improve the business, gain a better understanding of the market as well as of the competition. Good feedback will improve the quality along with the quantity of the businesses conducted by the company. For a company or enterprise, customer experience involves knowing exactly what the customers are looking for, and then working hard to provide it. If companies do not provide what customers want, they will leave it for its competitors who cater to their needs.  Such businesses get ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing how to deliver a superior customer experience.

Questions For Better Customer Experience

One of the most reliable and easy ways to tackle customer experience improvements is by collecting highly usable bits of customer insights through surveys. Customer feedback survey should be part of the overall brand experience. The goal is to effectively engage with customers and see their perspective of the customer service. The administrators can even ask the respondents how they can become more relevant and easy to use. A well-designed survey program can create a useful, accurate, and timely channel for gathering customer knowledge on a continuous basis. This customer knowledge can align any company with the expectations of its customers. Companies commit many mistakes while measuring customer satisfaction and eventually the customer experience as well. To access the customer experience, the company can ask the following questions -

Overall, are you satisfied with the standard of customer service experience that you received?

One of the best ways to keep users coming back for more is to ensure that every aspect of their experience with a brand is of the highest possible standard. Asking the question directly is better than beating around the bush. Asking if the customers are satisfied with the experience they have had is same as asking if the product’s performance was good.

Did we provide you with what you wanted?

The first thing that is necessary for a product to make its users happy is that it performs its work. This question asks if the customer service fulfilled all the customer’s demands. It asks if what the company is providing is in line with what the customers demand. If the company’s products and services provide what the customers ask for, their experience will enhance. It will also assess if the company’s feedback mechanism is effective or not. For if the feedback mechanism was efficient, any gap between the supply and demand would have been reported. The authorities can make amendments but both the issues just identified.

Will you suggest your family and friends to use our company’s products in the future?

Only a happy customer would suggest a product to his/her friends and family. This question helps in assessing the consumer’s satisfaction and asks if the customer was so happy after using the product that he/she felt the need to refer it to other people. It shows customer loyalty as well. This Net Promoter Score related question has the benefit of being easy to monitor, and thus enables the authorities to easily segregate detractors, passives and promoters. This allows them to integrate up-to-date customer segmentation into their research and management, which opens the door to various different marketing and sales initiatives.

How likely are you to buy again from XYZ Company?

This is a tricky question and quite futile if the product sold was a durable good. But if the user is likely to buy again then he/she is also likely to recommend the product to his/her family and friends. Thus, customer retention and Net Promoter Score can be accessed together. Apart from this, this question will also access the experience, customer had with the company. If customer experience was good, then only will he/she buy again or recommend the brand to others.

 Was the company website easy to navigate?

Everything is online these days. So, to reach a company, the customer must find it online. Finding the website online must be an easy affair for a positive customer experience. It will also decrease the effort the customer had to put in to avail the services of the company.

 How much effort did you personally have to put forth to resolve your issue?

This again is a Customer Effort Score (CES) type of question. To access customer experience, accessing CES is indispensable. If the customer have to put in a lot of effort to resolve their issues, their experience will obviously not be positive, along with an array of customer satisfaction indicators. Thus, this question is at the heart of the customer experience surveys.

 What suggestions would you give us to enhance the customer experience?

By asking the customers for suggestions, the company shows the customers that they matter. In return, the respondent customers may feel that they belong with the company and are stakeholders in it. The enterprise can use suggestions and feedback to enhance the customer experience as per these customer's own suggestions and make future strategies. On the other hand, such feelings will increase customer loyalty.

Please rate us out of 5 stars.

While rating seems to be arbitrary, it is important to see how customers themselves rate their experience with the company. Needless to say, more the score, the happier the customers are with the concerned company.

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