Brand image is more than a logo that identifies a business, product or service; it is an accumulation of beliefs, views and perception of that particular brand. The brand image is eventually the mirror through which the company’s key values are reflected. It can be called as an impression that the brand developed over a period of time in the consumer’s mindset. Brand image is an ultimate deciding factor that determines the brand perception that influences product sales. Thus having a good brand image is very important. Still business owners often consider brand image as something expensive and unnecessary fluff that adds no value to them. They focus on making their offerings the best that they neglect their brand image.  The character and value of the brand is portrayed by its image, as it is the main component in the scheme of things. it is a mix of the associations consumers make based on every interaction they have with any business.

Advantages of maintaining a strong brand image

  • Customer perception towards a particular brand is in direct relation with the image of the brand. Thus having a brand image makes an impression of the concerned company. Customers keep this in mind while conducting businesses.
  • As mentioned above, a strong brand image directly affects the consumers buying behavior. This is a reason why top brands make sure that they build a strong and positive image of the brand.
  • Brand image also creates recognition, this is why a positive brand image makes decision making process easier, thereby promoting customer retention as well as repeat purchases.
  • A promising brand image conveys the success of the product and gives results with increased sales and revenues.
  • Consistent brand image shows the consistency of the company. This makes the customers believe that the brand is sincere and clear in its vision to create what it promises to.
  • Thus, brand image builds credibility and equity.

Disadvantages of not maintaining a positive brand image

Products and services are principally dependent on the brand image of the parent company. Negative image is not favourable for the businesses of the company. Changing it later on becomes difficult as the company and its products will always be identified with this image until further changes in the brand image are feverishly made. This is a reason why companies must think about its brand image from the very beginning. Thus, it is important to design brand image to convey exactly what the company wants it to say. If under any circumstances the company fails to maintain its image, then their sales and revenues will have to face consequences. The brand might even fail in the short term if the brand image created is negative. Therefore it is necessary to build a positive brand image. Once it is made, the concerned company must maintain it and be in line with the brand image. When companies regularly administer customer feedback through customer satisfaction surveys, it boosts its brand image. Consequently it will also improve business in the future.

Boosting brand image with continuous Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the information that the concerned company’s clients provide about a product or service or about the general experience they had with it. This information reveals if they are satisfied or dissatisfied with it. Through this medium, customers share their opinions and suggestions with the company. Customer feedback is said to be an asset for improving business. When companies act on their customers' feedback, it enhances their experience, which in turn increases customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers act as a mirror to reflect the company's actions and behavior. They also increase the profits of the concerned company. Customer feedback is therefore a very important aspect in marketing. On the other hand it also helps in the self assessment of a company. To stay ahead of competition, a company should never stop listening to their customers’ feedback, whether it is positive or negative. Top performing companies understand the important role customer feedback plays in business. They consistently listen to the voice of customer and yield enviable output.

An effective Customer Feedback mechanism allows a company to

  • Listen to its customers
  • Know their needs
  • Customize and optimize their products and services
  • Maximize their profits during this process
  • Update product or service in real time
  • Take key business decisions
  • Measure customer satisfaction and improve customer experience
  • Improve employee training process
  • Show the customers that the company values their opinions
  • Increase customer retention.
  • Market efficiently
  • Understand customer personas
All these features of customer feedback allow companies to keep a tab on customers’ perception of the brand as well as their expectations with the brand. This concept is closely related to brand image. Thus, by administering Customer Feedback continuously, the company can maintain and even boost its brand image. By listening to their customers through customer feedback, companies can know what the customers need and can optimize their products or services according to it. If they collect customer feedback regularly and analyse it properly, they will know if they are in line with their brand image. If they find out that they are not, they can rectify themselves quickly. The authorities can use this to lower customer effort score and to enhance customer experience and customer service. If companies closely follow their customer feedback, they can improve customer satisfaction, their brand image and ultimately their revenues. For this companies must periodically capture customer feedback as well as gather the right team to create and regularly maintain the brand image of a product.

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