If you are looking to conduct surveys or collect information from users on Intercom Messenger, the FeedbacQ integration for Intercom can help.

FeedbacQ for Intercom Surveys

You can set up FeedbacQ to run Intercom surveys as a separate block on Messenger home or add to conversations and campaigns. If it is set up on Messenger home, the surveys are readily available to all users who open the Intercom Messenger on your website.

Here are the steps to integrate FeedbacQ to Intercom Messenger.

After you login to Intercom, go to Messenger tab.

Intercom Surveys

Step 1 - Connect FeedbacQ with Intercom

For first time users, you have to connect your FeedbacQ account with Intercom. Click on Add Messenger home apps and then click Add an app.

Intercom Surveys

Step 2 - Explore App Store

From the pop up, click on Explore the App Store.

Intercom Surveys

Step 3 - Search listing on App Store

From the App Store page, search for FeedbacQ. Alternatively, you can select Surveys & Feedback from the list of categories on the left navigation and you should see FeedbacQ app on the list of available apps.

Step 4 - Install app

Once you click on FeedbacQ app, you are taken to the view as shown below. From here, click on Install Now to install FeedbacQ onto your Intercom workspace.

Intercom Surveys

Step 5 - Authorize access

You will be shown a screen to authorize access. Click on Authorize access to proceed. Intercom Surveys

Step 6 - Login/Register on FeedbacQ

Once that is done, you are taken to the FeedbacQ login page. If you already have an account with FeedbacQ, login using your credentials. If you are new to FeedbacQ, go on to Create Account to set up a new account.

Intercom Surveys

After creating a new account, please login using your credentials. You will be shown a prompt for authorization so that Intercom can fetch your survey details directly. Click on Authorize. Once this process is completed, you are taken back to your Intercom dashboard.

Step 7 - Add to Messenger

Now when you go to Messenger home apps and click on Add an app, you should see FeedbacQ in your list of apps.

Intercom Surveys

Step 8 - Select survey

From here, click on FeedbacQ and you should see the list of available surveys.

Intercom Surveys

To add or modify any survey, please do so from the FeedbacQ dashboard and all your changes will immediately reflect on the Intercom dashboard as well.

Step 9 - Customize text

From the list of surveys, choose any survey and that will be added as a separate block on your Messenger home. You have the option to change the block title, sub-title and button text.

Intercom Surveys

Clicking on Insert Block will add the survey to your messenger home as a new block. All users that visit your website will be able to view and respond to your survey.

Survey Through Live Conversations

You can also share surveys in conversations while chatting on the Messenger. Your team members can share surveys with your customers while they are chatting on the Messenger. If the FeedbacQ app is already installed on your workspace, you should see the FeedbacQ icon on the chat window like shown in the image below. Intercom Surveys

If you do not see this icon, click on Add a messenger app (icon towards the left of FeedbacQ icon in above image) and follow instructions as detailed from step 2 above.  

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